Learn how to ask for a pay hike

Despite putting in a number of years at an organisation and holding on to your job when others quit, you have been passed over for promotion.

Should you ask for a bigger role and a raise? What’s the best way to go about it?

Most of us try to avoid asking for a promotion or raise. But it is worth mustering the courage, as the rewards are worth it.  But before you present your case, here are a few questions you ought to ask yourself:

Does your performance speak for itself?

If the answer is yes, you have a chance. The best time to ask for one is immediately after a recent major achievement, where you have displayed exemplary behaviour (cost cutting, clinching a major account, process improvement or improved productivity).

Are you ready to take on additional responsibilities?

Promotion means additional responsibilities not only towards your job, but towards organisation building too. The expectation levels will also increase the moment you move to the next level.

Is there a position that you can fill in?

Companies do not offer promotions merely to satisfy employees. There must be a vacancy available. Organisations do not create positions to fulfill your desires.

However, if you have been creating value additions, been efficient and well informed, there is a possibility of you being given an opportunity to do something different, where you create something from scratch, perhaps even a new department.

How to raise the topic?

Be very sure of what you want, why you want it and what makes you fit for the role. Do not show dissatisfaction at your current state of affairs.

Present a positive picture by mentioning that you wish to contribute more towards the organisation’s growth.

Not getting the deserved raise?

Do not stop enhancing and upgrading your knowledge and skills. It will come in handy during the next discussion (or in a new job). It would be a good idea to track your performance through objective performance management, setting goals and tracking achievements will give you the benefit.

Read the full article at Economic Times.


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