Competency Interviews

Sarika Sengar, Manager & Head, Talent Acquisition Center, India, Eaton Technologies Private Limited,  hosted aTimesJobs High Tea chat session on December 16th, 2009. She spoke on the topic of Role of competency based interviewing techniques in hiring.

Some of the highlights in the chat conversation, and the noteworthy quotes were:

“Competency based interviews are as relevant for evaluating internal employees as they are for external candidates. The fundamentals are the same. You are actually evaluating a set of competencies required for a job and the fact that a current employee has demonstrated some of these in an existing role, can be a good predictor of whether or not he/she can fit another role. You judge the potential to succeed in that role and not his/ her lack of familiarity with the new job.”

“We have a fairly robust process where a candidate would typically got through 3-4 rounds of interviews. At each level, we would evaluate the candidate on different competencies required for the position. We make our final decision based on the person’s potential not only for the current role but also potential growth path in the organization.”

“Through competency based assessment, one can recognize the areas one needs to develop in. This is helpful when preparing for roles that one aspires for.”

To read the complete transcripts from the High Tea session, click here.


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