Technology in HR functions

On February 3rd, 2010, Mr. Mahesh Ramalingam, Regional Head of Talent Acquisition & Service Delivery – South Asia, Thomson Reuters, chatted live with candidates on He spoke on the topic of the use of technology to perform transactional human resources functions.

The High Tea chat session was a smashing success with nearly 7,500 attendees. Some of the highlights in the chat conversation, and the noteworthy quotes were:

“HRMS technology is definitely in a very good shape is in the path of innovation. You will see more convergence & innovation happening in the coming years.”

“HR IT is a need of the hour and organization be it big or SME’s are increasingly investing in this area. I would tend to agree that it has to and can innovate further.”

“Integration of HR IT systems is an effort to be taken by individual organizations through interfaces and adding codes/ interfaces isn’t tough and can be done easily and flawlessly!”

“Whether we like it or not – we in HR deal with multiple systems in across various steps in the organization. As long as one has the willingness to learn and put that effort forward – it should be easy. What level depends on what system you want/ prefer!”

To read the complete transcripts from the High Tea session with Mr. Mahesh Ramalingam, click here.


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