Are you an active job-seeker?

Do you procrastinate when it comes to searching for a new job? Are you discontent with your job, and yet you’re just sitting idly watching those chances go by? If you are comfortable enough with seeing other around you jump for new opportunities, while you make no effort to grab your own, chances are, you’re a job-search procrastinator.

You may be wondering what exactly it means to be a job-search procrastinator. says that the word ‘procrastinate’ means “to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost” or “to put off till another day or time; defer; delay”.

So to be a job-search procrastinator, all you have to do is to keep telling yourself that you will job hunt, but you’ll do it tomorrow. There’s an old saying which says: “Mañana (tomorrow) never comes”. Therefore, you know you are a job-search procrastinator if you deliberately dodge better possibilities, or try to make yourself believe that you’ll do it ‘tomorrow’.

A procrastinator may display characteristics such as being an introvert, shy and/ or expect nothing from their career as they are content to just stay wherever they are at. They are not risk-takers, and as such, will not move ahead like those around them.

If you find yourself in this category of people, it’s time you wake up and kick-start your move ahead in your professional life. You can be transformed into an active job seeker with just a few simple steps.

One of the best ways to reverse this vicious cycle is to make a task-list and endeavor to achieve it. It will serve as a map for where you want to go and where you are headed.

There’s no place in the halls of success for those who procrastinate. If you’ve been laid back and still expecting the miracles to happen, you’ll find that you’re wrong. Get up, get moving and grab success by the horns.


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