Get a fresher job with a Fat List

Fresher jobs aren’t difficult to find or get. It’s all about the way in which you pitch yourself. You are the product, and unless you effectively market yourself, no one will come to know about who you are professionally, the talent that you have, and what you can do.

To begin searching for freshers jobs, start by making what is called a ‘Fat List’. A Fat List is nothing other than writing down all the professional and academic happenings in your life. If you can, outline them in a year-by-year format.

For example:

My Fat List

1991 – 2003

Kindergarten – Grade 12

Participated in School Volley ball team

Took singing classes

Learned beginner guitar

Took art classes

2003 – 2006


Completed a course in etiquette, manners, public appearance and public speaking

Completed a course in Debating and Public Speaking

Worked part time in event management

Started a kids e-magazine called Pop

Took a course on sales and marketing

Worked in Dad’s business as a writer and business developer

Read books on online marketing

Did charity events for underprivileged situations

Took teaching classes

Taught kids to get my 240 hours of teaching experience needed for the certificate

Learned to use a sewing machine to make my own clothes

Learned cooking and household inventory/ replenishing

Learned smart buying

2006 – 2008


Completed a course from NIIT in basic computer applications

Helped Dad manage the finances for the family and kept accounts

Pursued singing projects

Sang on radio

Made a record

Got a job in BPO

Got a job with a media company


Joined singing school to learn to read music

Started a band

Wrote songs

Did interior design

Events to fundraise for poor kids

Once you have made your own Fat List, proceed to make it into a resume. A Resume will work slightly different than a Fat List. You will need to segregate your academic achievements and your professional ones. Everything should be listed from the most recently done achievement, following on to the one previously done, and so on, till you reach to the first achievement you had done.

For example:

2006 – 2008


2003 – 2006


1991 – 2003

Kindergarten to Grade 12

You need to outline your professional achievements in the same way. The only difference is that from your Fat List, you must convert your write-up into a more professional and official language.

Next, create a profile in an online job portal and post your completed resume there. Posting your resume online will give you the quickest route to finding jobs for freshers. As the internet has become the most common mode of hiring, recruitment and job-hunting, you will find the jobs you are looking for there.

Once you get your fresher job, don’t forget to keep adding on to your Fat List and your newly made resume. You never know who might be reading it and what kind of job offer they will have for you, or when you yourself might need it to apply for a new job. Save yourself the time and effort, and apply as you go.


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