TimesJobs Launches GlobalConnect!

Isn’t it so nice to get unexpected surprises? Well, TimesJobs has a couple brand new tidbits just for you our faithful candidates! Brace yourself!

global_connect-logo-v02-2For the first time in India, TimesJobs.com launches GlobalConnect that allows candidates to connect their social media links to their resume. With TimesJobs GlobalConnect, users will now have the option to link their professional online identities and work to their TimesJobs.com resume.

The concept behind this new feature is that a candidate can link their chat ID’s, work samples, professional profiles, etc, and by viewing the candidate’s GlobalConnect profile, a recruiter will be fully informed of the candidate’s strengths and achievements before they contact them for future interviews, thus reducing the interview time by half.

With GlobalConnect on TimesJobs, candidates can project to potential employers a comprehensive resume which – apart from the TimesJobs resume – will also intelligently put his profile and work from sites like Linkedin, PeerPower, Blogs, Slideshare , YouTube, Google docs etc, on the same platform.

Here’s the list of all the fun and effective ways in which you can now job hunt:

Connect Via Chat

Connect Via ChatYou can now chat with recruiters directly by simply adding your Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AIM, and Skype to your TimesJobs GlobalConnect profile.
Adding your messenger ID to your profile also allows you to cut your future in-person interview in half. This is because when you add your messenger ID, it allows recruiters to directly chat with you online while they view your resume. Cool, huh? Ready for surprise #2?

Link A Site

Link A SiteHave you been safekeeping a professional Linkedin and/ or PeerPower profile just because you didn’t know where to link it so that recruiters could check it out before they contact you? You can now link it up to your very own TimesJobs resume! You can even add your professional blog and/ or the websites of the companies you have worked for or contributed toward.
This is an important feature through which recruiters can view samples of your work, and see what you are like professionally. Of course, you want to make sure that ‘the story’ a recruiter puts together from viewing your profile is as up-to-date as possible.

Showcase Your Work

Showcase Your WorkYou can also add Youtube videos, Slideshare and Google Docs! Any videos you add should be strictly professional though, as you want to show recruiters what you can do professionally. They aren’t hiring you for the front lawn you tended to last weekend.
It can be any type of samples of your work, a video resume, a voice clip (if you’re looking for a voice-centered job), seminars you conducted, conferences you participated in, etc. Be creative, but don’t forget to keep it professional.

With these brand-new TimesJobs features, you can professionally connect to recruiters and allow them view your professional profile without leaving your workplace for a minute! Allow them to get an idea of who you are and what you can do before your interview call.


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