TimesJobs Messenger

So you’ve heard about it, but do you know what it really is, and what an asset it can be to your job hunt? Job Messenger is one of the tools in TimesJobs.com through which you can receive job(s) directly into your mailbox. Cool, huh?

In simple terms, the Job Messenger is created as soon as a candidate creates their complete (note the word complete) profile on TimesJobs. After being created, the Job Messenger settings can be edited anytime by any candidate as per their requirement.

Here are some FAQ’s you might be wondering about:

FAQ 1: How do I set a Job Messenger for myself?

Solution: Login. Go to ‘My TimesJobs’ section. Click the ‘Edit’ button under the Job Messenger Settings section.

FAQ 2: What do I need to keep in mind when setting a Job Messenger for myself?

Solution: You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. All you need to do is fill the following fields correctly:

Step 1. Key Skills – Remember to fill in as many key skills as you can and just separate them with commas. For example you can write: Java, Oracle, Servlet, SAP, Strategic Planning, Market Analysis, Product Development, etc.

Step 2. Experience – Mention your work experience in the range of years. It should look something like this. If you have a work experience of 3 years and 5 months then select the range as 3 – 4 yrs.

Step 3. Functional Area – Don’t forget to mention your Functional Area correctly. This is key. You can select multiple Functional Areas, but it would be better if you select only 1 Functional Area so as to make it stand out more.

Step 4. Area of Specialization – Make sure you mention your Area of Specialization correctly. With this field, you can select multiple areas of specialization.

Step 5. Preferred Location – Select the location where you are looking to work, the location where you want the job.

If you follow the above advice, the Job Messenger settings will get you jobs in your mailbox.

In order to save your time you can also use TimesJobs to directly apply for a job without you logging in specifically just to apply. All you need to do is click and apply and you will get automatically logged in with your application sent to the respective employer immediately.

Apart from the Jobs based on your Job Messenger settings your Job Messenger will also contain Jobs similar to the jobs last applied by you and Jobs similar to the last searches performed by you on TimesJobs.com.

So keep searching and applying to Jobs in order to avail more benefits form your TimesJobs Job Messenger! All the best!

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