Social networking matters!

Gautum Brahma recently wrote on the relevance of social networking and its importance in today’s modern world. He wrote of how “people join and operate networks to gain professional and social leverage.” Although he was quick to point out that “this can sometimes have negative impact on business organizations.”

In Human Capital’s August 2009 newsletter, Gautum said that “Networks…help individuals connect to like-minded people and obtain advice and employment. Increasingly online electronic networks are making their presence felt and allowing people to reach out for traditional networking support across the globe.”

He went on to add how “LinkedIn a popular online network for professionals is adding a million members every two weeks. Just a year back it was taking a month to add the same number! What is even more important, 40% of the members on LinkedIn are women. This group had been traditionally excluded from professional networks. As an example, Rotary Clubs allowed women members only in the late eighties.”

Thankfully, women have been given more importance in not only the social networking platforms, but in corporate life as well. Where earlier was unheard of to have a woman CEO, today’s world allows for it to not be a shocker when one happens to fill that role.

In time, things make change sufficiently so that both sexes have an equal playing field when it comes to old mentalities begin done away with.

Gautum pointed out that “online networks are seeing greater participation by entrepreneurs.” I can vouch for this point. Most of my friends are, in fact, entrepreneurs and they constantly remind me that social networking, and having a good well-rounded database of connections, is key to being successful when you’re starting up on your own.

An interesting point was noted in his article. He said that “the study of how online relationships get established and strengthened has become a big research area in itself.”

So yes, in today’s modern world, “connections matter to people in more ways than one”.


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