Ways to keep your job in a recession

If you have a feeling your job could be on the chopping block, then get pro-active to either save it from redundancy or jump ship before the company goes under. You might not be able to recession-proof your specific job, but you can definitely recession-proof your career!

Be indispensable
This is the time to shine more than ever before. Make your work bigger and better, then indulge in a little self-promotion so your stunning results don’t escape the boss’s attention.

Don’t be a business expense
The bottom line is at the forefront of the boss’s mind right now, so demonstrate that you are personally keeping profits as high as possible. Pinch pennies, cut costs and generate sources of revenue so that the boss will see you as a money saver rather than a business expense.

It’s all about attitude
Whining about extra hours, a less-than-impressive pay review and company stinginess will only fast-track your road to redundancy. Remember that any stinginess might be out of necessity rather than cruelty, so you are just going to have to grin and bear it for the time being.


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