NEW Premium Membership with TimesJobs! has achieved the distinction of becoming India’s No.1 Recruitment Portal in India with the largest number of active job-seekers and a database of over 8.5 million candidates.

In addition, the massive database of over 200,000 better paying jobs are available from more than 25,000 clients, including blue-chip companies from India and abroad. This ensures that no matter the job search, it always yields results.

Recently has come up with a brand new addition to the job portal which has been released for the first time ever in India. The new feature is a Premium Membership on all the TimesJobs Resume Services. It includes such things as having an external public profile viewable on any search engine, being the first to know about new jobs being released and other premium benefits.

PREMIUM BENEFITS – With the InExTa Advantage, you can double your chances of getting an interview call. The Preferential Job Messenger helps you to beat the queue and see matching jobs before anyone else. Stand out from the crowd in employer search with Resume Highlighting. Applyvantage helps you in applying to jobs of employers who view and are interested in your profile. And Public Profile helps you to broadcast your profile on the internet.

With Premium Packages, you can get:

Professionally written resume for target job market in India, Gulf and Abroad.
Send resume to the top recruiters in India and Gulf.
Take advantage of the combo and Get 20% discount

To know more about our Career Services,


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