TimesJobs gives you a reason to celebrate!

Well everyone, 2008 is nearing its end and we know most of you are probably scrambling for presents, decorations, trying to get those invitations from the printer in time, cooking for those millions of guests that never seem to quit coming, entertaining family members who never show up unless there’s an occasion to receive free food and presents, and all the other hair-pulling things that holidays bring.

To top it all off, you haven’t even ordered your Christmas/ New Year’s dinner yet or made your bookings for those holidays and parties that you should have gotten around to weeks before so it was cheaper.

If this is what your scenario looks like, then we know that you’re probably not looking for even a fraction of a second more of work to do.. We know how you feel, and that’s precisely why we have something special we know you’re gonna love to hear!

TimesJobs has gotten:

  • easier to use
  • prettier to look at
  • faster to work with
  • better in working for you
  • and more!

So amidst the work we know you are getting swarmed in, we encourage to take a breather, an eye rest and a break from all your stress to:

  • Login
  • Test the new site
  • And comment here on how you liked it!

It won’t take long we promise you, check it out and you won’t be sorry you did! So on that happy note; we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful holiday season ahead!


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