Life must go on

September 29, 2008

Saturday afternoon left a shop lane in Mehrauli scarred with bitter memories for life. Going on strike, these shops have been shut down in protest to terror; the question they ask reverberating loud and clear: Is anyone safe anymore?


But despite the whimsical bombing that continues to happen India-wide, despite the slow deterioration of the ruling powers in the financial market, life must go on and people must work to survive. The question then should be as to what steps a company should take to ensure that its employees are safe, and that they feel secure in coming to work each day.


Many companies stepped up the security procedures, and requested each employee to exercise caution while visiting public places like malls, markets etc. In times of such uncertainty, it’s best to be safe and exercise caution.


Management has reassured employees that they are in constant touch with the Police at the highest level to take precautionary measures to ensure safety and security of our personnel, offices & presses.


Security Officers in all establishments have been put on high alert.  The internal security arrangements have also been beefed up.  Security guards have been provided with hand held metal detectors.  Door frame metal detectors are also being installed in some companies and vehicles parked around the building, belonging to outsiders are being checked by security guards and parking attendants.


It is important for all of us to be careful & vigilant in times like this and employees should be made to feel that although the company will ensure their safety as much as possible, they also need to do their part and cooperate with security procedures as well as report any suspicious or abnormal activity happening in or around the premises.


It will take a united effort to stand strong in uncertain times.


Bangalore’s Unique Job Fair

September 19, 2008

On the 30th and 31st of September, TimesJobs organized an IT job fair in Bangalore that was extremely successful. The hiring event was exclusively for middle-level management, and those with work experience of five years and over. Top professionals were shortlisted by a team from TimesJobs before they had their interviews from the participating companies.


Of the 440 shortlisted candidates, a remarkable 96 candidates received an on-the-spot offer from those hiring. Companies that took part in the event were those such as Thomson Reuters, Colt and Honeywell, Kyocera, IBM, etc.


Owing to the enthusiastic response, TimesJobs now plans to organize Job Fairs of a similar kind in other metro cities. The next to be held will be in Delhi for those with over 3 years of work experience. The dates for the job fair is on the 18th and 19th of October. Following this, there is another in the works for Pune on the 1st and 2nd of November.


So for all those of you with 3+ years of work experience, who are looking to get an on-the-spot offer, you never know…you might be one of the lucky ones…Well, at least you now know where to go!

40,000 jobseekers attend the largest India Job Fair

September 10, 2008

The Jumbo Job & Professional Education Fair 2008, started with a bang of 40,000 jobseekers well before the event was scheduled to open.

Mr. R Sundar (CEO of Times Business Solutions Limited) said “The overwhelming response that at the Jumbo Fair reaffirms our commitment to continue holding such events for job aspirants. The enthusiasm with which the job fair is being received throughout the country shows that India is going to emerge as the world’s premium source of quality manpower.”

The Delhi Jumbo Job Fair lived upto its name on Day 1 of India’s Biggest Job Fair seeing more than 40,000 jobseekers seek better paying jobs from more than 60 corporates participating at the event.

Jobseekers and employers, met up for instant closures on 6,000 candidatures, completing the process of job search from submitting resume to getting the offer letters in hand – all under one roof, several more were shortlisted for a second round of interviews at the corporates’ offices.

An enthused Mr. Amol Goswami of India Infoline Ltd. remarked, “ We’ve never participated in the Jumbo, but with this experience will surely participate in future Job Fairs, the professionalism, support and sheer number of walk ins were impressive and we recruited over 100 professionals on-the-spot and shortlisted over 50 candidates today itself.”

Mr. Puneet Singh, Sr, VP, (Hiring), GENPACT said ” In terms of employer branding and awareness generation, The Jumbo Job Fair provided us an excellent opportunity. We were impressed by the crowd management, branding at the venue and management support, we’ve participated in’s Jumbo each time it has been held and our experience has been great. On the first day of the current Jumbo we’ve recruited more people than we’d expected.”

Clients at Jumbo were extremely please with the turnout on the first day.

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TimesJobs has a new Home Page!!

September 3, 2008

Hey everyone, have you seen the all new TimesJobs home page? Here are some reasons I think you should see it..

Personally, I like this new user interface because it’s so simple to navigate through, has much less button banners, animated images, etc and therefore is much more eye-friendly to look at.

I find that now the ‘Search‘ & ‘Post Resume‘ section has much better visibility as well as there is now an option to search for jobs in specific cities.

And for those of you that want are recruiters in the making, that part of the TimesJobs site has been revamped too with exciting new changes.

But hey, why am I telling you all this? You can check it out for yourself too. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out right now. Enjoy!