The Official TimesJobs Blog

August 12, 2008

Did you know that TimesJobs got their very own Official Hire Blog? It’s a really cool blog for all the latest happening in the HR industry, smashing new features found on the TimesJobs site, news on upcoming, happening Job Fairs, links to a juicy, newsy HR-specific email and much more!


In fact, many people have been giving their feedback in hot discussion points, and you may just be the next to do so! Here is the link for you to get your very own first-view right now:


Happy Blogging on the all new Official TimesJobs Blog!


The TimesJobs Hire Blog is iPhone friendly!

August 7, 2008

For all those of you who are phone addicts, we have good news for you! The TimesJobs hire blog is now iPhone (and other mobile phones) friendly!


All you need to do is point your mobile browser to to get the all-new experience of a cleaner iPhone friendly interface. The site has been tailored for the iPhone (and for other mobile phones as well) and you can now easily access the blog posts much faster.



Key features of the iPhone site:


  • Simply point your browser to and our site will render on iPhone


  • Images will be optimized automatically for rendering on mobile device


  • Text will be placed as per the size of the mobile screen


  • Ability to share share the post via twitter, and email


  • One can view the full HTML version as well (for browser supporting full HTML)


 But that’s not all. You can also put a shortcut icon (for direct access to our blog) on your SpringBoard by clicking on the “+” sign on safari and then clicking on “Add to Home Screen”.


It’s a definite must have! So for those of you who do not yet have it, log on to your TimesJobs Hire account, and avail of it today!


P.S. The above features are also available on normal mobile phones as well.