Leading Job Portal of India

In 2004 Times Business Solutions launched TimesJobs.com which has now become one of the Top Job Sites in India. This business site fulfills professional requirements through finding the perfect jobs through India’s leading e-recruitment services (TimesJobs.com & SmartHire)

TimesJobs.com along with SimplyMarry, MagicBricks and Ads2Book etc. are under the umbrella of Times Business Solutions.

Recently, Pakistan, Gulf and other new job locations in India were added, many of which were not previously been available for online search.

TimesJobs.com job portal has advertisement/resume services, news on upcoming job fairs, career articles, advice from career experts and Career/HR Dialogue – a monthly newsletter with the best practices of HR, corporate news, information on top people changing jobs in the industry and updated career spotlights.

TimesJobs currently has more than 25,000 recruiters searching for candidates for jobs, more than 7.5 million users with over 2, 00, 000 online jobs posted.

TimesJobs.com is among the Most User-Friendly websites in India.


4 Responses to Leading Job Portal of India

  1. Zeeshan says:

    I have personally tried out Times Jobs and I have to admit that the service offering is simply awesome. I would recommend it to Indian job seekers.

  2. Anwarkazi says:

    this srticle will be good and thank u for your information..

  3. Vinay Yadav says:

    Timesjobs.com is a very good website, but i do not agree that its the most “user-friendly” website in india.

    • timesjobsblog says:

      Different strokes for different folks! Why not write in with your suggestions? It’d sure help our user-friendly goal to be all that it can be 🙂

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